Why SEO?

Internet marketing has become the most effective medium for raising brand awareness and increasing one’s customer base. The biggest reason for this is search engines. Google alone gets about 3.5 BILLION search queries per day. That’s a lot of people looking for information, and many of them are looking for the exact services and/or products that you provide. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of following Google’s (and other search engines’) guidelines for creating a site that shows up at the top of the search results page.

Still not convinced SEO is right for your business? Let’s compare it to one of the old fashioned, but still effective, marketing strategies: buying a billboard.

If you buy a billboard on a busy street, you could potentially have tens of thousands of people driving past it. But how many of those people actually look up at the billboard? Then, of those, how many people will actually call the number or visit the storefront? Of those, how many proceed to purchase the goods or services? Marketing is a probabilities game, and with each intermediate step it loses effectiveness.

How is SEO different? For one, it targets the people already searching for your industry. That means you can focus your marketing endeavors on those who already have a high chance of using your service/product. With the huge query volume for search engines previously mentioned, you can see how even specific optimized keywords can drive tons of traffic to your site. SEO doesn’t end at site visibility though; it’s an ongoing comprehensive strategy to turn those site hits into conversions, putting money in your pocket.