Link Building

Getting Backlinks

Link building is an integral part of any SEO strategy. Frustratingly, it’s arguably the part an SEO has the least control over. Google has very specific guidelines for creating backlinks, which basically amount to “create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community.” Since many SEO companies employ low wage writers and take on as many clients as possible, for them presenting engaging content is out of the question. That’s why we consider our expert writing staff, and their willingness to learn our clients’ businesses, one of our greatest assets.

Strategies for Link Building

Our link building strategy doesn’t end with creating great content. We submit links to prominent directories like BBB, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Our company also networks with other sites and blogs to convince them that linking back to you is in their best interest. With a combination of these three strategies, quality links will almost assuredly accrue over time.

Bad Backlinks

There is more to link building than attracting quality links. We also ensure that you don’t have any bad backlinks penalizing your site. Not only can bad backlinks harm your site, they can prompt search engines to remove them from rankings completely with a manual penalty. To understand bad backlinks, you need a quick SEO history lesson.

Pre Penguin

In April of 2014, Google announced their Penguin update. Prior to this update, many sites would pay directories for hundreds or thousands of cheap backlinks to improve their rankings, and it worked. Obviously, this got in the way of Google connecting its users with quality information. Since bad backlinks are pretty easy to spot, they tweaked their algorithm to penalize all of the sites that have them.

Post Penguin

After Penguin came out, many sites found that they’d completely lost their high rankings. For a long time after that, nothing they could do would get them back in Google’s good graces. However, recently Google has begun to forgive sites that are in the process of removing bad backlinks. This is a long and tedious process, but well worth it for an old domain that otherwise has great authority.

Our Service

Removing bad backlinks is a service that not all SEO companies provide, but we do. If you’ve got an old site that has link penalties, its value is worth much more than the time it takes to remove bad links. Combined with our expert link building strategy, we can raise the authority of any site in the eyes of search engines. Schedule a free consultation today for more information on how this helps your business.