What We Do

Our company employs a wide array of online services to create and implement a customized marketing strategy for your business. This can be laid out in a few general steps, although each one is an ongoing process that changes with your company’s needs.

  • Free Consultation: This is where we lay the ground work. I’ll answer any questions you have about SEO and online marketing, and you’ll explain your business and its marketing needs. After outlining a general plan of action, you can decide at your leisure if we’re the right choice for you.
  • Planning and Setup: We offer complete site design for our clients, and we’ll collaborate with you throughout its creation to tailor it to your business’ strengths. We prepare your social media accounts and e-mail listings according to the strategies we lay out. Everything is done to maximize search engine optimization, meaning created for the search engines and, especially, their users (your customers).
  • Maintenance: Sites that aren’t maintained lose their search rankings fast, as well as bore their readers. Social media pages lose momentum easily too. Not only do we maintain your site and social pages weekly, with content additions and design changes, but you control how we spend the time we put in.
  • Major SEO Changes: SEO and online marketing are relatively new fields that get turned on their heads frequently. Competition between search engines and constant algorithm changes mean that SEOs always have to stay up to date with their field. We constantly study our industry and use our knowledge to keep our clients ahead of any pertinent changes.

Check out our full online marketing page for a more comprehensive overview of what we do. Or, give me a call today and hear it straight from the Guru’s mouth!