Google is great about giving us tools to maximize the effects of our marketing campaigns. One that guides your way through important strategy decisions is Google Analytics. While there’s a lot to learn regarding the service, that knowledge can be put to use to make the most of your efforts and help your business succeed. We discuss some of the ways it can do that here.

Google Analytics Logo

Data Gathering

Google gives you access to all kinds of information about the people who visit your site. This is the raw data that can eventually be used to evaluate the state of your business. Some, but by no means all, of the most useful data types include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Session Time
  • Browser
  • New vs Returning Customer
  • Network
  • Device
  • Interests

Data Analysis

Gathering raw data doesn’t do much good if you don’t use it to take the next step: analysis. Google Analytics allows you to arrange, filter, and report on your data in all kinds of ways, which gives it meaning and and drives decision making. The amount of control you’re given in how you transform your data is pretty incredible. Google offers a course on the most basic functions, and even gives out certifications for people who pass their exam.


Someone accomplished with Google Analytics can provide insights into business/customer interaction that would otherwise be impossible to see. If you’d like to know how this service can benefit your business specifically, don’t hesitate to give the Guru a call today!