marketing imageCustomers don’t just pop up out of nowhere. People need to be exposed to your business before they can make a decision to pay for it. In our modern world of limitless choice, competition for brand recognition is high. Because of this, how a business markets itself largely determines how lucrative it will be.

Marketing Goals

As a general rule, a successful marketing campaign will establish three things about a business: recognition, authority, and necessity.

  • Recognition – If you can’t distinguish your business from others in the industry, how do you expect people to remember it? The goal is to make the two synonymous in people’s minds, and the way you achieve that is with personalization. Whether it be your logo, mission statement, company culture, whatever, you want it to stick in people’s heads. The ability to make all of these things engaging will draw traffic to your business. But how do you get them interested in your services?
  • Authority – When it comes to making purchases, everybody wants to get the best bang for their buck. That’s why establishing your business as an authority in the industry is so important. Obviously, doing great work is a must, but that often doesn’t cut it any more. You need to provide useful information as well. When you answer people’s questions, you build trust. Unfortunately, even that won’t always close the sale. You also need to establish your…
  • Necessity – Why is there a demand for your product or service? You’ll need a complete answer to this question to effectively market yourself. When you’ve got it, use it to remind the public with a call to action. Remember, a call to action should always be authentic, as manufacturing one will come back to haunt you in the long term. Learning the most opportune times to establish necessity is often the crux to maximizing sales.

This all needs to be taken into account before you even start with digital marketing. Whether you’re marketing for yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, you’ll always be fine tuning how you establish these three aspects of your business. When you’ve got all three working together, it will show up in your bank statement.