Social Media IconsJust about everybody and their grandmother has a Facebook and Twitter account nowadays. Social media’s ability to connect people is truly astounding; but did you know about it’s effectiveness at connecting businesses with people? Done properly, a business can drive tons of leads through their social accounts alone. If you’ve had problems marketing through these mediums, we’ll go over some information here that may help you do so successfully.

Posting: A How To Guide

Let’s look at Facebook. There are quite a few methods of communicating to people on it: posting, messaging, and the infamous poke. We’ll focus on posting to Facebook and other social media platforms here. For the most part, you should condense all of your posts into three general categories.

  • Information — Information posts build up your brand as a reputable authority. Have you ever found a site that seems to answer all of your questions on a certain subject? If you have, you probably follow it regularly. The same holds true for social accounts. Don’t be stingy with information; it’s better that your brand be viewed as credible than to horde knowledge that might help people. If you can answer people’s questions, you’ve hooked them to your page.
  • Personalization — Social media is, well, social. You’ll find no better opportunity to personalize your business to potential customers. Why do you think major corporations always hire an actor to represent their company in commercials? Connecting a face with a brand creates trust with people. You can personalize your business in all kinds of ways: employee bios, storefront pictures, pictures of services rendered, writer’s voice, etc.
  • Call to Action — Unlike the other two types of posts, you want to use this one sparingly. It’s when you let your inner salesman out. Create a need for your product or service to drive conversions. How can it make someone’s life better/easier? What problems does it solve? For example, if you are a roofer and a hail storm hits, lay out the dangers of not immediately repairing hail damage. You can also use discount offers and promotion deals as a call to action.

Circulate information and personalization posts regularly, then come out with a well-thought call to action at only the most opportune moments. Remember, nobody likes someone blowing up their news feed; we’ve all had to block that guy at one time or another. You generally don’t want more than 3-5 posts a week on Facebook, although Twitter allows you to post more frequently without backlash. Posting on social media is the grunt work. Learning how to do it properly, coupled with proper use of their paid promotion options, can drastically increase the scope of your brand to bring in lots of new business for your company.