What is local SEO and why is it helpful for small businesses? Local SEO is optimizing a page for search engine users based on their location. The reason it’s such a boon to the little guy is that it weeds out the competition. Imagine the amount of work a small Chinese food restaurant would have to put in to show up on page 1 if they had to rank against every other Chinese food place in the United States. Even if they made page 1, most of the people driven to their site wouldn’t be able to make the trip to eat there.

Local Search Engine Optimization Illustrative Metaphor

How does it work?

Search engines automatically take the location of their users into account. If you type in “best Chinese food” into Google, you’ll see a map listing with Chinese restaurants near you. Even in the organic rankings, you’ll likely see mostly local places or listings. While the search engines base local results off of their user’s location and search queries, how those results are ranked is the product of local SEO.

What does local SEO entail?

Any type of SEO will be an amalgamation of many different factors. However, there are a few key components that every local SEO strategy will employ:

  • Keyword Optimization — As with all SEO, how you use keywords is important. You’ll need to analyze the search volume of different queries within your location/service range. Then, you can decide on your keyword strategy. How you string your service keywords with location keywords can make a huge difference on your local organic rankings.
  • Google Plus/Bing Places — Building up your presence on these platforms can directly affect both organic and mapping rankings. That means quality setup, photos, posts, and reviews. Other social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) help as well, although more indirectly through backlinks, citations, and helping to drive traffic to your site.
  • Local Citations/Backlinks — I’ve mentioned before that backlinks (and citations) are one of the bigger ranking factors. This applies to local SEO as well, especially if the citations/backlinks are local. However, spammy backlinks and citations can drastically reduce your site’s rankings, or even get your site banned from search engines altogether. There are very few avenues of building them up correctly other than creating quality content.

Not all local rankings come easy. Depending on your business and exact location, competition can be fierce. Colorado has an especially saturated SEO market, so you need to make sure your SEO company is the real deal before you hire them. We’ll jump at the chance to prove our skills to you; give us a call today for more information about how we can help your business grow: (817) 975-4778